We'll sort it!

We've solved all sorts of sticky situations.
Our customers have interesting and challenging logistical problems and we really enjoy getting them unstuck because that's what we do at Stuck. Check out some examples here of some of the problems we've solved and customers we've helped out of sticky situations.

Mary was stuck!

Mary needed to get a Lion from Northland to the film set of the movie The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in Central Otago. This wasn't a job for any ordinary courier company. We arranged for the Lion to be heavily sedated and flown on one of our planes to Christchurch. We collected the Lion at the airport and drove it to Cromwell to star in the movie.

An Aussie bank was stuck!

An Aussie bank had a computer system outage during the weekend. The only component available in the Asia Pacific region to fix the problem was in Wellington. We arranged the pick up of the component and flew it to Auckland where it was given to our international freight partner. The paperwork was prepared along with prearranged MAF and Customs clearances, duty was paid and the item was delivered into Sydney that evening.

Westport was stuck!

Westport needed to get a large generator weighing 650kgs delivered from Auckland. The generator was too heavy to fly but was needed urgently to keep the power on in the district. We loaded the generator into a large van for a direct drive from Auckland to Westport. Two drivers shared the driving to Wellington, caught the ferry across to Picton and delivered the generator to Westport the next day.

Andrea was stuck!

Andrea had a late print run and their usual courier had a final collection of 5pm. Andrea called Stuck and we arranged for a 6.30pm pickup and got the freight into their courier company's depot to move nationally overnight.

An island was stuck!

During a weekend the only supermarket on Waiheke Island suffered a fire. We arranged for the delivery of palletised stock by a 10 tonne truck and provided delivery of 10-12 pallets per day for the following week.

Suzie was stuck!

Suzie accidentally left her laptop in the departure lounge at Melbourne airport and needed it urgently. We arranged for the laptop to be picked up and returned to Suzie by the time she needed it.

Henry was stuck!

Henry was at the airport and needed to get something delivered urgently to another part of the country. We directed Henry to the National Cargo counter and arranged over the phone for the item to be lodged onto the next available flight.

AKL marketing was stuck!

A marketing company gave us a call at lunchtime and advised that their freight provider had let them down. They had 300 deliveries going all over Auckland that needed to be completed by close of business. We arranged for the items to be picked up and redistributed through a fleet of drivers to meet the tight deadline.

Pete was stuck!

Pete was in the South Island away from home on business. He urgently needed to make an unplanned flight overseas but his passport was in Auckland. At Stuck we arranged to pick up the passport from his home and we flew it to Christchurch to meet him as he checked in for his international flight.

Joe was stuck!

Joe was opening a new retail store in Tauranga the day before Easter. Unfortunately the stock for the new store ended up in Whangarei. We arranged for the freight to be collected from Whangarei and redistributed to Tauranga that same day in time for the store opening.

A law firm was stuck!

Every year a law firm sends out recruitment letters to new graduates. The letters need to be delivered between 7am and 8am on a specified day. Stuck arranged for all the letters to be delivered at the right time and provided proof and time of delivery.

Alice was stuck!

It was Saturday and Alice was in Auckland. She had 18 items for delivery to 5 different locations in the South Island by midday Sunday. Stuck arranged for the items to be picked up on Saturday and flown to Christchurch. Multiple vehicles were arranged to pick up the freight at Christchurch between 3am and 4am and deliver them to Timaru, Queenstown, Gore, Invercargill and Dunedin prior to midday.
We've changed the names of some of the people who were stuck to keep their stuck status private.