Contact-less Deliveries

The wellbeing of our people, customers and community is of paramount importance to us.

As a business, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will implement changes to standard operations where necessary (we are basing our actions on guidance from public health experts). 

We understand that you may have concerns specifically over courier deliveries and pickups that involve some level of human contact e.g. handling of the scanner when signing for a parcel.

All deliveries and pick ups will be contact-less.

How does a Contact-less delivery work?

  • Our delivery driver arrives at your premises and alerts you that they have arrived.
  • Our delivery driver will stand about 2 meters away from you and ask for your name, then they will enter it and sign CV-19 on your behalf (this will show in the tracking information)
  • They’ll then place your parcel down in front of them to complete the delivery or in a more appropriate place you indicate e.g. the doorstep.    
  • If you aren’t present when our delivery driver arrives, if we have permission to leave your parcel/s, it will be placed in a safe place on your premises. The driver will take a photo of the item in this location.

Will all deliveries be Contact-less?

Yes. This is the standard delivery process for all deliveries.

How does a Contact-less pick up work?

  • Choose a safe and accessible place on your premises to leave parcels for collection (a minimum of two metres from others)
  • Book a job as you would normally do and leave the parcel/s in that safe place
  • Our driver will arrive and collect those parcels.

Please note: If our driver deems the pick up location to be unsafe or inaccessible, they won’t be able to complete the pick up.

Will all pick ups be Contact-less?

Yes. This is the standard pick up process for all parcels/items.